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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Introducing Blue Orange Games

We have been slowly expanding our sideline items at the store as we discover gifts and games that we really love. One of the newest additions comes from a company called Blue Orange Games. Blue Orange's line of Spot It and Tell Tale games are exactly the type of fun items we like to recommend.

Spot It is a flash card game for players young and old. Each card has a series of images with one image repeating on the succeeding card. It is the player's job to spot the image. I absolutely love this game, but the best thing about it is how great it is for families. It is meant to be all ages, but eagle eyed children typically have a leg up on their parents making it all the more fun and competitive.

Tell Tales takes the flash card premise of Spot It but moves the focus away from competition and turns it to creativity. The goal of Tell Tales is to tell a story with the cards, with each card you flip a new element must be draw in to the story. This is another great game for families and works as a great alternative to movie night – make your own stories!

These both games are endlessly fun to play at home or while traveling. They also work well in the classroom. We have been so happy with them in the store and I can't wait to see what games Blue Orange comes out with next.

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