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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

World Book Night 2012

There are, as the tagline of WBN shows, 'a million reasons to read a book.' I could not possibly agree more and I am in love with the whole idea of World Book Night.

What is WBN you ask? It is a night of spreading the love of books by giving away 20 copies of one of 30 books to friends, strangers, anyone! The creators of World Book Night are looking for 50,000 people to give away 1,000,000 books. It's amazing! It's incredible. And I want you to sign up!

You can go to the World Book Night website and choose which book you would like to receive 20 free copies of. Then you answer a few questions such as where you would like to give them away: a high school, a nursing home, a hockey game ... anywhere you can think of that you can find people who may not be avid readers. If you are chosen as a giver on April 23 you will get the opportunity to put a great book in a stranger's hands and talk to them about how important books are to you. It's all about community building. You may meet your new best friend or future spouse - that's just how important books are!

Cavalier House Books has registered as a book pick up area, which means that anyone in our area chosen as book givers will come to the store to pick up their case of books. Between now and then I've decided that I want to highlight the WBN choices. I'll be posting reviews of (hopefully) all thirty books. If you'd like to read along with me you can find the list of titles here. Read on and come talk to me about the books on April 23rd when we'll be having a get together at the store to celebrate bookishness in general and World Book Night in particular.

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